Your First Aid Training In Expert Hands

Fully accredited practical courses run by experienced emergency service professionals

Knowing the theory is not enough

When a first aid emergency occurs, it’s not just good enough to know the theory. You need to have confidence your team know how to deliver the practical next steps to keep the people in your care safe. You deserve first aid training that doesn’t just tick boxes – it should provide you and your team - with life-long skills that could mean the difference between life and death.

First aid training that makes sense in the real world

Having the right trainer – one that lives and breathes this in the real world - makes all the difference and makes you more confident in what you learn. All our instructors share their lived experiences with learners so you learn faster and in a way that’s more applicable - because no first aider should dread having to put their training to the test in real life.

At Oast First Aid our trainers have spent their careers tending medical emergencies. We’ve helped hundreds of people in need of first aid – often in life or death situations. We know what it takes to think on your feet in high-stress situations and we’ll help you master that too. Practical insight is invaluable and not something you can just pick up from a text book or video lesson. We use real life scenarios to walk you through every eventuality so you know you are properly prepared.

Oast First Aid – Our Team

Oast First Aid has a team of qualified first aid instructors – many of whom are still working part-time in the field as blue light medics. That’s why you’ll never find a DSE assessor, or fire awareness instructor teaching first aid here, because we only specialise in first aid training, delivered by people who know what it takes to administer it in person. Our instructors come from emergency services backgrounds with medical training, and they have an extensive history of teaching high quality first aid courses. Our team is headed up by lead instructors Richard Cooper and Ross Boushear.

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Richard Cooper –
Oast First Aid Director/ Lead Instructor

Richard has been working within the first aid world for 24 years, starting in leisure where he gained his teaching and training qualifications and went on to become a first aid and lifesaving instructor. Richard has taught a varied range of lifesaving courses alongside first aid courses and has dealt with many real-life incidents where he has needed to utilise his first aid knowledge. In 2015 Richard joined the South East Coast Ambulance Service as a crew member on the frontline ambulances. This experience has helped to enrich the learning experience he now delivers, with a higher quality of first aid course that draws on real-world examples and up to date knowledge.

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Ross Boushear –
First aid Instructor/Lead Paediatric instructor

Ross has been involved with lifesaving since his teenage years, working in the YMCA, then on to leisure as a lifeguard. Ross became a lifeguard and lifesaving trainer assessor, and then a first aid instructor before he became a ‘train the trainer’ teacher for first aid. Ross is an active member of the Gravesend Lifeboat crew who keep one of the busiest stretches of water safe, he is trained to the high standard of the lifeboat service, which allows him to deliver a high-quality course.

Our courses

Our team will ensure the course you attend will be enjoyable and knowledgeable, with first hand examples of where your new found knowledge can be put into practice in your everyday life.

All of our courses are regulated by Qualsafe Awards, which is one of the largest Ofqual recognised awarding organisations in the UK. 

We believe everyone deserves to be equipped with the essential skills that could potentially save someone’s life – and we think you deserve the confidence to know how to do this. Becoming an adept first aider is easy. Simply book onto the right course for your needs, attend the training and gain the skills and self-assurance to feel equipped to tackle any first aid emergency.